Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Facebook status updates for June.

I thought I'd make an unusual blog entry, instead of my customary piece, I've pasted here all of the status updates I posted on Facebook in the month of June. It seemed like an interesting month to me and maybe there are some indicators here.

All comments welcome as usual.

Too bad I couldn't include the existing commentary, especially on my last May post: "Dan Wilson is seeking the perfect time-out. Crib? Corner? Broom closet?" And it wasn't for a time-out for me!

If you want chronological order, please read from the bottom:

Dan Wilson is still thinking a lot about Temple Grandin's "SEEKING system," That about-to-open-a-present emotion which she says may be the ruler of all other emotions.

Dan Wilson read "The Talented Mr. Ripley" from cover to cover on the plane from Holland on Saturday. Villains are best when they have to scramble. Ripley is like Anton Chigurh in that way. Soon I'll have watched all of "No Country For Old Men" in tiny bits on Youtube and will be ready to see the actual movie. Took me 10 years to do this with "Silence of the Lambs." Still enjoyed it even though I drained all suspense by waiting.

Dan Wilson had the blues the other day... put on some music, Aimee Mann's "It's Not" - not the first cure for the blues I realized but when she rhymed "astronaut" with "afterthought" in the last verse it was like the sun coming out. I must have been in a mood because the next three songs: "Alison" by Elvis Costello, "Gone Away From Me" by Ray Lamontagne, and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road" by Elton John.

Dan Wilson is loving "I am not a robot." Marina & the Diamonds. When she says "little baby."

Dan Wilson can't find babysitter for Johann Johannson show! No, no, I'm not fishing. I'll let you know if I get lucky. Finding a babysitter.

Dan Wilson Home from Greece/Belgium/Holland. Saw the Acropolis, Parthenon, Erechtheion, etc, for the first time and am predictably wowed. Want to become tourist for a few years.

Dan Wilson got stuck on a train from Providence to New York. He sat in the dark and quiet while the people around him started to say things like, "I've gotta get off this train!" and "I'm getting so damn claustrophobic!" Dan watched several YouTube.com clips of T-Bone Walker singing and playing the guitar, in the quiet and the dark. It was beautiful.

Dan Wilson might also bring snacks to Providence, RI, where the wedding was, next time he goes. The people of Providence seemed very crabby as well.

Dan Wilson needs to remember to bring snacks to the next wedding he's at. During the photo session right after the ceremony, the risk of crabbiness is dire.

Dan Wilson just realized that the problem with universal health care is that Americans need at least some smallish portion of the people not to receive it. The "Universal" part rankles, it offends the American sense of fairness. Someone has to lose out. An awful thought but it seems true to me. We'll see what happens.

Dan Wilson is thinking about "Animals Make Us Human" by Temple Grandin... it's amazing. I thought it was going to be a specialized book about dogs and horses etc but it really is about our natures.

Dan Wilson mixing a song by me and Rachael Yamagata, such a pleasure.

Dan Wilson woke up last night to find that his entire visual field was filled by a pure-white, oval-shaped disk of light; in the center was a circle of light so bright that it was black, casting off a glowing aura of blackness around it.

Dan Wilson is trying to learn to move at the speed of Lily.

Dan Wilson played a benefit for PACER Center on Thursday at a really nice old mansion in Minneapolis. It might have been fun to be a milling baron in the 1920s. Or maybe kinda stressful.

Dan Wilson Johnny Cash "God's Gonna Cut You Down" and Decembrist's "The Hazards of Love."

Dan Wilson my songs are not information, thank you very much.

Dan Wilson just read a short story called "Vast Hell" - it's on the New Yorker website and it has me buzzing with excitement about reading some fiction. The last thing I read was the depressing "Gomorra."

Dan Wilson Is super happy his friend's surgery went perfectly.

Dan Wilson is sneaking away frequently from important tasks to read Dean Wareham's "Black Postcards." If anyone knows him, tell him I say thanks.

Dan Wilson is hoping his friend's surgery goes perfectly today.

Dan Wilson on my mind: red wine. Not the song, the drink.

Dan Wilson I'm cranking Bob Dylan ("masters of war", "blowing in the wind", "chimes of freedom", "don't think twice, it's alright") all morning but that harmonica is killing me! How did they get it to be so much louder than his voice and guitar? Why did they do it? Still love him.

Dan Wilson thinking obsessively about Tom Hodgkinson's "The Freedom Manifesto."


lojasmo said...

I think you're correct about universal health care. Pretty sad, I think. It clearly will save us money, so there's no rational reason for opposing it.

Re. Your visual field defect: Do you have migraines?

I'll babysit your kid any time. I'll just have to drive up from Rochester.


Wetchman said...

I saw we integrate the Facebook status posts into the Blog feed!