Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dan Wilson in Athens

Click here to see the MAD TV Video Music Awards clip

I went to Greece two weeks ago to perform on the MAD TV Video Music Awards. It was really fun, performing with me were the backing band of the Greek singer Stavros Dadoush. Afterwards at the side of the stage, the vibes player, Vaggelis Paraskevaidis, played some hot jazz on the vibes before the stage crew shooshed us down to our dressing rooms.

My friends were amazed at the number of whirling, whooshing crane shots in the clip. Mike Doughty told me I was lucky the producers let me stand on the stage, as they could have fit an extra crane where I was standing. I say the slight feelings of motion sickness are worth the fun.


Andrei Spinassé said...

Dan, a doubt: Was the video edited? I supose this is the original audio. If yes, why? I was looking forward to seeing the real live performance... Thanks. Andrei (Brazil)

Andrei Spinassé said...

I mean: original audio = CD audio.

Thanos said...

Wow, I had no idea. I saw you at Monastiraki one afternoon, and I simply thought you'd be here for vacation and sightseeing. Thought I'd come to say hello but I chickened out (didn't want to disturb). It'd be cool if you would someday come for a full concert! :) Breathless was a huge hit here (also Cry, pretty much) and I'm sure there'd be attendance. I've been listening to your music since the Semisonic days, and now it's good that more people got to know you here through the success of Breathless.

Amy said...

I tried following the YouTube link, but it was removed "due to terms of use violation." But I did find the video here:

Yeah, I can see what you mean by the swooping crane shots. :-) And after seeing video, I think it is definitely a good thing there were no dancers. It would have been a little too... much. ;-)

Thanks for sharing that story at your concert(s) this week.